Lactation Business Coaching with Annie and Leah

Setting your fees: Charge what you’re worth, and make yourself worth it

Episode Summary

How do you set your fees so that their fair and compassionate to your clients without undervaluing your worth?

Episode Notes

In this episode, Annie and Leah talk about the tough topic of setting your fees for your private lactation practice. It’s so important to know your worth as a business owner and to represent that fairly within your specific market. Once you’ve set your rate, you can begin working towards long-term goals for your business as a whole.

Show Notes


Annie’s Tech Tip:

Keeping online payment systems organized

Leah’s Marketing Tip

Making connections with local hospitals

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Leah Jolly is a private practice IBCLC with Bay Area Breastfeeding in Houston, Texas.
Annie Frisbie is a private practice IBCLC serving Queens and Brooklyn in New York City, and the creator of the Lactation Consultant Private Practice Toolkit.

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